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Weekly Piano

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Various techniques for creating solo piano arrangements of a standard tune.

rvatina 3 years ago 0

In weeklypiano lessons for "Stella by Starlight" and "All the things you are" solo arrangements some of these techniques are shown. It would be great if you could make another solo arrangement lesson for standard like "autumn leaves", "green dolphin street", "star eyes" or something else. Left hand techniques, creating rhythm and groove, right hand melody and shells, etc.


Cory Henry lesson

Taiwo Samuel 3 years ago 0

Please if you kindly can post some ideas and insight on Cory Henry's playing


Playing jazz-blues: Scales for improvisation on standard jazz-blues progressions, walking bass lines for blues

rvatina 3 years ago 0

What scales can you use over blues chord progression, for example over blues progression you use in your blues comping lesson (beacuse it is easy enough reharmonization of standard 12 bar blues to start with)? Which scale(s) to use over VI7 chord and other chords that are not in standard I, IV, V chords based blues? Where can you use blues scale in such progressions? It would be great to explain some basic bass lines for blues comping also.


Early Herbie Hancock Comping

Freddie3487 3 years ago 0

In your YT-Video "How to make a practice schedule" you mentioned early Herbie Hancock Comping. It woud be great if you could show how that works/what the system behind it is!


How to give any kind of song a jazz Touch

Eric Grande 2 years ago 0
  1. like (Justin bieber, Drake, halsey and other)

A lesson on Ear training!

Leon 2 years ago 0

You haven't given us a lot of information on Ear training, could you make a video about the topic and what you do to train your ears? If anything?


How to play what you hear in your head

Music reality 3 years ago 0

and becoming fluently in all keys


Lesson on drop 2 voicings: practie routine, II-V-I's, parallel motion etc.

rvatina 3 years ago 0

It would be great if you could make a lesson on drop 2 voicings: how to practice them, how to incorporate them into II-V-I comping, using them in parallel motion creating melodies with top voice, etc.


How to build your repertoire and memorize songs. Thanks!

Santiago Valencia 3 years ago • updated by Arthur Zarellas 3 years ago 1

I'm trying to build up my song sets and repertoire. Are there some ideas to successfully doing that? Thank you.